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At Jungshoved Præstegaard we do not yet offer a la carte service, but don't fear a hungry stomach!

A few minutes' drive from us is the cozy old market town, Præstø.

Despite Præstø's size, the small town has a wide selection of places to eat.

There is something here for every taste and budget.

Then eat your fill in Præstø and take a unique hotel night with us.

We have compiled an overview of the best places to eat in the area below:


Mikkel Rasmussen
Bar Osteria Della Famiglia

At Bar Osteria Della Famiglia, genuine Italian food is served, with love for the good ingredients and Italian flavors.

Pizza and pasta like the Italian mamma makes them!

A small, cozy place to eat with also a good option as take away, which can be enjoyed in our green surroundings.

Det Gamle Toldhuus.jpg
Restaurant Sommers

At Præstø harbor Restaurant Sommers serves exquisite and tasty gastronomy from local ingredients.

This is the place for the romantic dinner overlooking the idyllic life of the harbor.

Mikkel Rasmussen
Restaurant Cactus

At Restaurant Kaktus, you can get Mexican and Italian dishes that won't let guests go home hungry or poor.

Restaurant Kaktus is located in the nicest backyard in the center of Præstø.

Remember to book a table, as the place is popular with the locals!

Mikkel Rasmussen
Hotel Frederiksminde

Who said Michelin is for the big cities?

In Præstø, we are proud of Frederiksminde's exciting cuisine, which has earned them the recognized Michelin star.

Book your dinner well in advance if you want to secure a place.

Skærmbillede 2020-06-13 kl. 20.14.08.png
Hotel Møen 

At Hotel Møen in Stege you can get good old-fashioned Danish food. The welcoming surroundings take you back to old Danish atmosphere and tradition.


Hotel Møen is centrally located in Møn's main town, Stege.  


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