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Just a few minutes drive from the hisrotic merchants town of Præstø, lies Jungshoved Præstegaard.

Our surroundings are naturistic and picturesque.

Jungshoved Præstegaard is a four-winged farm, previously used as rectory for the local church of Jungshoved.

However, since the year of 1992 it has had the function of private home for the Rasmussen family.

Since 2010 we have had the pleasure of inviting guests into our suroundings, in what has now been turned into a seaside resort.

Our buildings date back to 1791 and are constantly maintained and kept with the respect for their history.

The traditional Danish way of building with timbered brick walls and small windows still remains and are combined with modern functionality.



Filip Rasmussen | Owner

Filip is our go to guy, when it comes to maintenance.

He cuts the grass, fixed anything the might break and most importantly, he gets up as the first one in the morning to bake the bread for our breakfast.


Anette Rasmussen | Owner & hostess

If you call us, the phone will most likely be picked up by Anette.

She is our hostess and mother of us all (at least that's how it feels).

Anette will make sure to always keep the chatting going and loves to learn about our guests.


Mikkel Rasmussen | Bar Manager

Mikkel is the first son in law of the family.

He has a great passion for making and developing cocktails, as well as finding new creative ways of improving our guests' experience.

Mikkel will be here for most weddings, but also works full time as a nurse - so we are always in good hands.


Mikkel Rasmussen
Mikkel Rasmussen
Mikkel Rasmussen

We are constantly looking for new employees to join our fantastic team - read more about the current vacancies and apply here:Vacancies


Back in 1992, Anette and Filip Rasmussen bought the old rectory at Jungshoved (Jungshoved Præstegaard).

The rectory had been out of service since the mid 1970's and was sold off by the church ministry.

Having one daughter (Frederikke) already and a tiny house, it was time to move on to something a bit bigger.

Enchanted by the vivid sea view and old, characteristic buildings, the choice wasn't hard to make.

Despite the building being old and in great need of maintenance, the little family decided to take over the place.

The first couple of years went by and the buildings were all renovated and maintained in order to keep standing, while the garden was being turned into a large park leaving more flowers to bloom than old trees to shade.

In 1997, their second daughter, Frejas came to the family all the way from India and the two girls grew up playing in the large park-like garden, swimming in the sea and cycling all over the peninsula of Jungshoved.

On a dark night in January of 2009, Anette and Filip woke up to sound of fire.

One of the wings, that contained a rented out apartment, was on fire and the building stood no chance.

After a while, spending time wondering what to do with the building, Anette and Filip decided to make it a plce to use for others than themselves.

Herafter, one idea let to the next and in the spring of 2010, the first party was held in the beautiful and newly built Frejas Sal (banquet hall).

With the large number of guests finding Frejas Sal ideal for private events, a need for accommodation came along.

The girls (Frederikke and Freja) had already moved out and the large Jungshoved Præstegaard was too big for Anette and Filip, so they decided to turn the historic rooms into guest rooms.

Again - one need let to the next and before they knew it, Jungshoved Præstegaard was turned into a beautiful seaside resort.

As our history shows, we are constantly moving forward and developing - mostly based on feedback and needs of our guests.

Therefore, we highly value our guests and do our utmost to fulfill their needs and even better - to exceed them when they least expect it.

Welcome to Jungshoved Præstegaard!

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