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Just a few minutes drive from the hisrotic merchants town of Præstø, lies Jungshoved Præstegaard.

Our surroundings are naturistic and picturesque.

Jungshoved Præstegaard is a four-winged farm, previously used as rectory for the local church of Jungshoved.

However, since the year of 1992 it has had the function of private home for the Rasmussen family.

Since 2010 we have had the pleasure of inviting guests into our suroundings, in what has now been turned into a seaside resort.

Our buildings date back to 1791 and are constantly maintained and kept with the respect for their history.

The traditional Danish way of building with timbered brick walls and small windows still remains and are combined with modern functionality.

The forest cabin

Just a few meters from the shore, the small cabin is hidden in the forest.

With a view of the fjord and only nature as a neighbour, the cabin is ideal for a romantic getaway or just a break from everyday hardships.

The cabin is insulated, but not heated;
furnished with 2 single beds, which can be made into a double bed, as well as  battery-operated lamps.

Outside the cabin there is a seating area and fire pit, also with a view of the water.

Included are equipment for making a fire and food over fire, as well as a 15L container for water.

Breakfast can either be purchased and served in the main house, or cooked over a bonfire.

In the main house, there are services for dining, as well as a bathroom with a shared toilet.



Get close to nature with an overnight stay in our hand-built shelter.

The large, spacious shelter has room for up to 4 people and is located in scenic surroundings with sea view.

The shelter is one-side-open, but with the option of closing it to avoid wind and at the same time enjoy the view from a window.

Outside the shelter there is a fire pit with accessories such as  firewood and basic utensils for cooking over a fire.

Service is available in the main house, just as a shared bathroom with toilet is also available in the main house.

When staying overnight in the shelter, a 15L water bottle is offered.

When staying overnight in the shelter, you must bring your own sleeping equipment, or bed linen can be rented for DKK 100 per person.

Breakfast can be made over the fire or purchased separately.


Wake up with a direct view of Bøgestrømmen and the sound of the branches blowing in the trees.

Our good and skilled Ukrainian employee, Andrii, has meticulously transformed a historic horse carriage with his own hands into the finest overnight caravan

hand-built in wood.

The carriage has room for 2 overnight guests, who can enjoy morning coffee from the built-in terrace.

Solar cells provide power for the carriage, which is also insulated, although not heated.

We have named the carriage after the Danish flag, Dannebrog, which fell from the sky in Estonia in 1219, as we also host the Estonian consulate in our part of  Denmark.

Book the caravan Dannebrog below:

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